Google Reader app for Android: JReader! FAQ

JReader Google Reader app for Android icon 256

What are the app requirements?

All you need to read your feeds is to have a Google Account™ and Internet connection.

Any feeds added to Google Reader™ will be synchronized to JReader.

How do I add an account to JReader?

If no accounts are defined, when you open the app you will be prompted to add a one.

If you want to add or remove accounts, go to the app menu and choose account manager from there to modify accounts.

What are the filters and watches?

Filters allow you to perform a filtering action on RSS items. Depending on the filter, items can be automatically marked as read, watched or the user can be notified whenever an item matches a filter.

Filters can be applied to the title of a post, content or both. Also they can be limited to a specific feed/label.