File manager for android: Fylee!

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Fylee is a super fast and easy to use file explorer / file manager for Android with a simple Holo UI, designed and built with Android Ice Cream Sandwich – Jelly Bean UI and capabilities in mind.

Fylee takes full advantage of advanced performance and UI capabilities of latest Android OS-es and provides the best experience for users. The UI and controls are simple and intuitive, allowing fast access to all required file operation actions.

Browse and organize your pictures, music, videos, documents and other files on your phone, tablet,  just like on your desktop.

Easily share the files through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Email, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

Main features of the app are the following ones:

  • Beautiful file manager/explorer;
  • Super fast file operations (copy/move/delete/rename);
  • Easy file sharing (i.e. via Bluetooth, Email, WiFi, etc.);
  • Bookmarking for quick access to frequently used folders;
  • Quick navigation between internal and external storage;
  • Extremely simple to use;
  • And it comes totally ad free…


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