Google Reader app for Android: JReader!

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JReader is an unofficial offline Google Reader app | News Reader app for Android with fast sync with Google Reader and best RSS reading experience.

JReader features filtering and watching for Google Reader news. With watch notifications you will never miss important news, and with filters – never read the news you are not interested in.

The Reader is optimized for fast and productive news/blogs/rss reading and sharing.

Main features of JReader Google Reader app are the following:

  • Fast sync with Google Reader and article download for offline reading;
  • Multiple Google Reader accounts support;
  • RSS feed manager: Search and subscribe to news feeds or Google Reader feed bundles;
  • Google Reader feed and label management: modify RSS feeds and categories;
  • Auto-marking Google Reader items as read based on user defined filters;
  • Watching: get notified when news contain defined search words and phrases and never miss important news;
  • Optimized for fast and productive RSS reading;
  • Easily share news posts, RSS feeds, recommend links on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.;
  • Beautiful RSS reader, clean UI with dark and light themes;
  • Simple to use with extensive personalization options;
  • Tablet support and more…

Note: Google account is required.


JReader attempts to bring all the best RSS reader features under one roof … it really does have a whole bunch of features. Most noticeably, it can sync up to 10,000 items for offline reading, including article pictures. Furthermore, the app can sync with multiple Google Reader accounts. It also includes a pleasant tablet UI for those with larger devices…

RSS subscriptions have supporters and detractors as a way to organize news and feeds. Those who have chosen this system to keep themselves up-to-date, have a wide range of apps to enjoy them. JReader is one of them, one that focus on filters and notifications not to miss any new content…

JReader (Google Reader | RSS) is a beautifully displayed RSS Reader app optimized for Android phones and tablets which easily syncs with your Google Reader account. It even supports multiple accounts, offers control over sync intervals, plus has a really handy filter feature…


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