Google Reader app for Android: JReader! Changelog

JReader Google Reader app for Android ChangelogChangelog for most of the updates is listed below:

Version 1.4.207

Released on 2012.12.17

  • Simple widget displaying starred, watched and unread counts. On Jelly Bean 4.2 Can be added to lock-screen too
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.4.186

Released on 2012.12.15

  • This update will reset some preferences, since most of them have been redefined and included in new ‘Sync & View Manager’, sorry for trouble
  • Hungarian translation by @gkrisz78, thanks a lot!
  • ‘Sync & View Manager’: Control sync and display settings globally or individually for every account/label/feed. Can be accessed via the corresponding option in the menu. The feature is new and is not quite polished, but it allows both quick/easy/generic and more specific customization. Looking forward to your feedback!
  • Help menu option (Action bar button) for ‘Sync & View Manager’
  • (Finally :-)) Ability to exclude a label/feed from synchronization (have been requested a lot), check out ‘Sync & View Manager’
  • Removed ‘Maximum title length for a collapsed item’ preference, now title is always 2 lines in collapsed state
  • Removed ‘Show publication date and time’ preference, now it’s always displayed
  • Removed menu option for setting the font size, now it’s managed through ‘Sync & View Manager’
  • Removed full page preview configuration options from the built-in preview activity menu (they are available in ‘Sync & View Manager’ now) and added an option to open ‘Sync & View Manager’
  • Removed from Preferences some settings related to sync behaviour, full page caching, full page preview and item display. Now most of them are available in ‘Sync & View Manager’
  • Many sync improvements. Now it should be even faster, although a bit more RAM is used (will be optimized soon)
  • Fixed a bug when sync process would stall trying to download from a not responsive server and connection would not timeout
  • Many other fixes and improvements

Version 1.3.517

Released on 2012.12.04

  • Moved AdMob ads to the bottom of the screen
  • Starring/unstarring items would not persist sometimes, fixed
  • AdMob bug when ad view consumes a lot of CPU when activity is not visible/paused
  • Other minor fixes

Version 1.3.423

Released on 2012.11.25

  • Removed italic style from feed URL in feeds list and feed title, publish date in items list
  • Discontinued Android 2.2 Froyo support
  • Minor action bar changes for xhdpi screen smartphones
  • Fixed a bug when pressing mark previous read button would not work sometimes on last and single expanded item
  • Fixed a bug when already synced starred articles would re-sync on each subsequent synchronization
  • Fixes and optimizations in image and full article download code

Version 1.3.315

Released on 2012.11.20

  • Clicking on sync button when no accounts are defined yet shows an error toast
  • When switching/adding/removing accounts in account manager categories/feeds/items list would not refresh sometimes
  • Fixed a bug when counts in feeds list would not be correct sometimes

Version 1.3.276

Released on 2012.11.20

  • Sync notification now shows files count to be deleted during cleanup process
  • Sync thread now pauses when UI is used (better UI responsiveness especially on slow devices)
  • Cleanup process has been optimized a bit, now it takes several times less time/CPU/battery to complete

Version 1.3.201

Released on 2012.11.18

  • Performance optimizations in sync process
  • Fixed crashes occurring in tablet UI when switching feeds/categories

Version 1.3.144

Released on 2012.11.18

  • Android 4.2 support
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.3.074

Released on 2012.11.12

  • Selected label/feed background on left pane is now in different color in dual pane layout
  • Major rework of fragments for tablet UI, much smoother experience, many improvements and bug fixes
  • Now title displays proper label/feed name in tablet UI
  • Proper feed/label switching on marking items as read in tablets
  • Fixed list position saving bug

Version 1.2.439

Released on 2012.11.09

  • Changes in notifications, added indefinite progress indicator to sync notification
  • Mark all read button would not mark all required items as read sometimes, fixed
  • Proper empty view display on first start (empty database, no accounts)
  • Minor sync and stability fixes

Version 1.2.402

Released on 2012.11.09

  • Switched to proper thread safe HTTP connection manager
  • Fixed notification bug occurring on some devices
  • Image resizing bug in items list
  • A bug causing an exception on tablet fragments when marking all items in a feed as read
  • Now the the next (previous) feed’s items are displayed after marking current feed’s items as read

Version 1.2.372

Released on 2012.11.08

  • Proper app crash reporting! (we have missed a lot of them)

Version 1.2.364

Released on 2012.11.08

  • Finally, proper scrolling/expanding on item click

Version 1.2.339

Released on 2012.11.07

  • Removed web preview mode from items list and corresponding button from expanded menu (according to gathered stats it was used least, but was causing most of the problems in the activity and consuming lots of resources)
  • Added a new expanded menu button to expand/truncate the text preview (I think improves usability, default truncated version shows 5 lines of text, can be changed in preferences)
  • Item preview image and text are now cached in list view for faster access and smoother scrolling
  • Minor list/tablet optimizations
  • Fixed force closes in items list happening after scrolling the list
  • Amazon Kindle Fire specific (i think) SSL error (not sure though if fixed, would be great if we get some response)

Version 1.2.250

Released on 2012.11.05

  • Changed left/right fragments width ratio on tablet devices from 2/3 to 3/5, now right fragment is a bit wider
  • Increased item’s expanded menu buttons padding on large/tablet devices, now it’s harder to miss them on click
  • Increased paddings/margins a bit on big/tablet devices
  • Other theme tweaks and code improvements for tablets, now the app seems to be much more responsive (at least on my old Galaxy Tab 10.1)
  • Memory usage fixes for items list views
  • Fixed a bug when item data would get loaded twice on tablets
  • Large item images now load faster
  • Item images and short previews are now loaded asynchronously and do not block the UI

Version 1.2.241

Released on 2012.11.05

  • Theme tweaks for tablet UIs (more tablet improvements to come)
  • Fixed an issue, when items would not get properly parsed on rooted ad blocking enabled devices, and thus the app would try to re-download same images on each subsequent sync, causing longer syncs, more traffic and battery usage
  • Some performance improvements in sync process (image downloads and full page caching)
  • Now images in simple preview mode are properly scaled according to device’s screen density
  • A bug when in simple preview mode a high-res image would scale outside of view boundaries and get displayed partially

Version 1.2.215

Released on 2012.11.03

  • A bug in filters and watches, when filter is applied to an item even if item does not belong to the feed/label the filter is intended for
  • Theme tweaking: fixed some issues when dialog colors would be different from selected theme or input widgets’ text would be dark on dark background. Modified expanded menu styling a bit too
  • Some optimizations and fixes in sync code
  • Fixed a bug when switch preview button would not work on first item properly

Version 1.2.196

Released on 2012.10.31

  • German translation by @sUsH667 form XDA (great job man) and Gregor Weber. Thanks!
  • Menu option to disable ads… check it out 🙂
  • Changed full page downloads setting, now it’s disabled by default (for new installs only)
  • Built-in full page preview activity will display the progress bar while loading the page
  • List will scroll to correct position after marking single item as read now + some other minor fixes in items list
  • Proper User Agent string for fetching page previews

Version 1.2.179

Released on 2012.10.30

  • Dynamic expanded menu in items list, visible when item is expanded, replaces old icons layout (feedback is welcome!)
  • New dialog window for sharing items and feeds
  • Now ites’m expanded menu buttons provide sound feedback on click
  • Removed all buttons from item’s expanded view since they are not needed anymore
  • Combined all sharing options in item’s and feed’s context menus into a single one, which opens a sharing dialog
  • Removed preferences for hiding item’s expanded view icons
  • Minor fixes and improvements in UI and sync code

Version 1.1.722

Released on 2012.10.27

  • Minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.1.703

Released on 2012.10.27

  • This update will reset the preferences, sorry for inconvenience
  • Bahasa Indonesian translation by @zulahadi2 from XDA, deepest gratitude!
  • EXPERIMENTAL: Full page previews off-line caching. Preferences for enabling/disabling, caching page images, allowing/disallowing mobile network data usage for page download for off-line reading (check preferences -> Full page caching). In case if you get incorrect previews don’t forget to send feedback with the feed URL, thanks!
  • Sort items list: select to display newest/oldest on top, sort by title or author
  • New option to change default font size for item’s preview summary via menu (only in items list) or preferences
  • Menu in full preview activity for opening page in external browser, hiding/showing title bar, enabling/disabling full-screen mode, plug-ins and javascript in the page
  • Dark theme is now default theme for clean installs
  • Now theme menu displays a dialog box with single-choice items
  • Plug-ins are disabled (loaded on demand) in full preview browser by default, can be changed in preferences or via the menu
  • Combined ‘Confirm mark all read’ and ‘Confirm mark previous read’ preferences into a single one, called ‘Confirm bulk mark read’
  • Combined preferences ‘Use packet data’ and ‘Auto-sync on mobile networks’ into a single one
  • Webview cache is not automatically cleared now on application start
  • Minor changes in changelog dialog
  • Minor changes in preferences
  • Fixed high CPU usage bug occurring while downloading preview images
  • When switching orientation (portrait-landscape) the current expanded view and preview mode would reset, now it’s maintained
  • Fixed a bug occurring when clicking ‘Mark Previous Items as Read’ the list would scroll to incorrect position (over-scroll)
  • Full preview mode does not restart now on device orientation change
  • Fixed a bug when clicking on a label would display incorrect feeds
  • Many more minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.1.553

Released on 2012.10.12

  • Added new preference ‘Auto-sync on mobile network’. You can disable it to save on traffic costs on 2g, 3g, etc. Doesn’t affect automatic syncs on wi-fi or manual syncs (thanks to Jordi Camps for the idea!)
  • Removed unnecessary android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE permission (thanks to @tonybhoy from XDA for noting that!)
  • Fixed a bug occurring while adding new feed from feed search results (thanks to @sUsH from XDA for noting that!)

Version 1.1.548

Released on 2012.10.12

  • Modified text preview styling, now it will include spaced paragraphs, bold and italic text
  • Modified web preview styling, background and link colors are set to theme’s ones

Version 1.1.534

Released on 2012.10.11

  • All of the advanced preference settings have been moved to the ‘Advanced’ screen, check the bottom in the preferences
  • Themes support (finally). Added 4 new simple themes, looking forward to getting comments/suggestion
  • Theme selection preference and menu option have been added
  • Sync notification icon preference: choose to display an animated icon, a static one or no icon (notification) at all (raenye’s idea form XDA, thanks!)
  • Added some menu icons for pre-ICS menus
  • Many improvements in UI responsiveness and other fixes

Version 1.1.487

Released on 2012.10.07

  • Fixed a bug when starred items would not sync properly

Version 1.1.475

Released on 2012.10.05

  • Added an option to disable image download for posts during a synchronization (check preferences)
  • Fixed a bug when item title is not displayed fully in expanded view

Version 1.1.469

Released on 2012.10.04

  • Added ‘RATE this app’ button to changelog dialog (the app is in need of good Google Play reviews)
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.1.461

Released on 2012.10.03

  • Fixes in subscriptions sync
  • Improvements in synchronization speed
  • Many improvements and fixes in downloading images for posts (please let us now if it breaks anything and images are not fetched/displayed properly)
  • Fixed bugs when incorrect thumbnail selected for item preview or no thumb at all is displayed

Version 1.1.402

Released on 2012.10.01

  • Activity for viewing full articles without leaving JReader (in next release will try to add the code to use pre-fetched images)
  • Preferences to choose whether to use external browser or new internal activity for opening full posts), check ‘preferences->view settings’
  • Preferences for built-in browser activity in ‘preferences->view->full page preview settings’ (full screen!, hide title bar!, javascript and plug-ins)
  • Made some minor changes to the changelog dialog
  • Modified (finally) feedback activity’s design and layout, included short description
  • In sync notification moved account name to the end of the sync notification text
  • Fixed a bug when an image in web preview mode is zoomed in and displayed partly outside the view in some feeds (engadget for instance)
  • Increased text size in web preview mode a bit, should be more readable
  • Fixed a bug occurring when opening Google Bundles activity
  • Many other fixes and improvements, more to come

Version 1.1.373

Released on 2012.09.29

  • Preference to show a confirmation dialog when marking all items in a list as read, check preferences->view settings
  • Preference to show a confirmation dialog when marking previous items in a list as read, check preferences->view settings
  • Help/Cheat sheet menu option (big thanks to raenye @XDA for this and many other good suggestions!) opens new activity with short explanations of icons used in the action bar and in the item’s view

Version 1.1.351

Released on 2012.09.29

  • Preference to change the item’s title length in collapsed state, check preferences->view settings
  • Preference to change the item’s summary length in expanded text view mode, check preferences->view settings
  • Preference to show/hide feed title the item belongs to, check preferences->view settings
  • Preference to show/hide publication date and time of an expanded item, check preferences->view settings
  • Preference to show/hide expanded menu and sharing icons of an expanded item, check preferences->view settings
  • Increased side paddings and added top and bottom padding to the icons in the item’s expanded view so that hits wouldn’t miss the desired button
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.1.331

Released on 2012.09.27

  • Minor bug, permission request window wouldn’t show up sometimes when account manager requires user’s approval to use the account.

Version 1.1.325

Released on 2012.09.25

  • Added new less intrusive and more descriptive dialog when app starts with no accounts
  • Changed empty list text to appropriate ‘No Accounts…’ with proper explanation when no accounts have been added to JReader
  • Changed empty list text when no sync have been performed describing how to sync or add new subscriptions

Version 1.1.319

Released on 2012.09.25

  • Completely redesigned changelog dialog
  • Now changelog dialog will not bother users with minor bug fixes and improvements (except for this one :))
  • Added changelog options menu to the app
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.1.307

Released on 2012.09.23

  • Completely reworked current theme, more themes to come…
  • App share menu with options to share JReader: via Google+, by posting or following on Twitter, posting, recommending or liking on Facebook and emailing
  • Context menu in items view with basic post related and sharing tasks
  • Quick share buttons for G+, Facebook, Twitter, Email sharing in expanded item view (More sharing option moved to context menu)
  • Sharing tasks in feed context menu

Version 1.1.205

Released on 2012.09.12

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.1.197

Released on 2012.09.11

  • Feed Manager (‘Add New Subscription’ activity) for easy subscribing to feeds
  • Feed search integrated into feed manager
  • Google RSS bundles are available for subscription via Feed Manager
  • Manually adding RSS URLs is available in Feed Manager

Version 1.1.163

Released on 2012.09.08

  • Clicking on a RSS feed lick on a web browser will show an option to subscribe to that feed with JReader
  • Many improvements in code and UI
  • Removed extra permissions

Version 1.1.148

Released on 2012.09.05

  • Context menu to unsubscribe from a feed
  • Context menu to change feed’s labels
  • Context menu to change feed’s title
  • Context menu to rename a label
  • Context menu to delete a label
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.1.130

Released on 2012.08.24

  • Account Manager has been completely rebuilt
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.1.120

Released on 2012.08.13

  • Added ‘Recent Changes’ dialog display on first start of a new version
  • Added ‘Feedback’ form
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.1.069

Released on 2012.07.19

  • Added analytics for usage data collection
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Improper restart of cursor loader without initialization first in list fragments
  • An issue when filter manager list would not update after restoring filters
  • An error when when searching empty filter list

Version 1.1.058

Released on 2012.07.17

  • Added preferences screen for new filter defaults
  • Search in the filter manager

Version 1.1.047

Released on 2012.07.15

  • Added Filter Manager
  • Added quick filter buttons to feed items
  • Filter Manager also can backup and restore filters
  • Added Watched items category
  • Watched items are now indicated in items lists
  • Images are now downloaded in multiple threads simultaneously (and faster)
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect items list positioning when marking items as read
  • Many other bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.932

Released on 2012.07.01

  • Added context menus to Labels and Feeds lists to mark items as read
  • Android 4.1 ‘Jelly Bean’ support/optimizations
  • Re-added ‘Unlabeled Feeds’ category for easier feed navigation
  • Modified starred items list update logic, the list will not be updated when an item is starred/unstarred
  • Removed italic style in item title
  • Modified date and feed title layout in expanded item view to be shown in a single line
  • Corrected issues of not showing correct feeds/items in multiuser configuration
  • Optimized SQL queries for feeds and items lists

Version 1.0.882

Released on 2012.06.21

  • Fixed problems occurring sometimes with Google Reader authentication
  • Many fixes and optimizations in Google Reader sync code
  • Fixes and optimizations in sync notification
  • Fixed an issue with read items sync with Google Reader
  • Fixed a bug when not all starred items got downloaded form Google Reader
  • Numerous Google Reader sync fixes and optimizations

Version 1.0.780

Released on 2012.06.14

  • Added ‘About’ category to preferences
  • Added option to move the application to device’s SD card
  • Numerous Google Reader sync fixes and optimizations
  • Fixed memory bug on some low-memory devices

Version 1.0.731

Released on 2012.06.12

  • Initial release