How do I copy/move files/folders?

Posted on Feb 9, 2013

To copy or move files and folders they need to be selected first. Once they are, click on the according action bar action icon, navigate to destination folder and click paste button to finish.

Detailed instruction on how to copy/move files:

  • Navigate to the source folder and select items for copying (moving) using check-boxes on the right of each file or folder;
  • To select all files and folders within the source directory, first select at least one item, then click on the rightmost button on the action bar (overflow button, three vertically placed square dots) ans choose “Select all” from the menu;
  • Once done selecting files and folders, click on the copy icon on the action bar for copying (or move icon for moving) (TIP: Long-pressing on an icon on the action bar displays tool-tip with the action’s title);
  • Navigate to the destination folder where you want to copy (move) files and folders to;
  • Click the rightmost button (‘paste’) on the action bar to start the copy/move process.

Fylee File Manager for Android 04 action mode